Black-Eyed Children

So I am a sucker for old legends and folklore. I love learning about beliefs from the past even the ones spanning from other countries. Also, every blog I’ve had I’ve always wanted to do a Legends and Folklore segment. That’s where these post are stemming from. To be 100% with you guys I cannot stick to a schedule at the moment due to the craziness of 2020, but I promise to give you at least two post in this segment a month. Now lets hop into the first legend I’ve recently learned about…

Black Eyed Children

I’d never heard of this until watching a YouTube video from Kendall Rae. Go check her out if you haven’t. In this video she was talking about (I believe) her experience with this paranormal legend. Honestly it freaks me out. Let me give you some info from Wiki explaining this a little more; Black-eyed children (or black-eyed kids) are an American contemporary legend of supposed paranormal creatures that supposedly resemble children between the ages of 6 and 16, with pale skin and black eyes, who are reportedly seen hitchhiking or panhandling or are encountered on doorsteps of residential homes.

Creepy right?

No one knows where or how these creatures pop up. Conspiracy theorists believe that Black-eyed children are aliens trying to reach out to their “Earth”. Demonologists believe they are children of the devil himself and if you let them in, you are allowing the devil to enter your life. They want to enter your home to call their parents, however, upon making eye contact, it seems like there is a much sinister plot to the story.

Multiple stories have circulated of people encountering these kids. Each story may have a bit of a different tell. Below I’ve found one in particular to share.

One of the stories goes like this; in the snowy town, within the middle of nowhere of Vermont, an elderly couple heard the sound of three loud knocks on their door. They opened the door and saw two children, a boy and a girl. “Parents will be here soon, may we come in?” The children did not make eye contact and just stood there in the doorway. The elderly couple were hesitant but after a while, they let the boy and girl inside.
The kids settled on the couch while the wife made some hot cocoa and the husband asked them questions that went unanswered. The wife returned and noticed that her cat was scared and angry with the children. “May we please use the restroom?”

The wife looked at the kids and she finally saw them. The children’s eyes were as black as a starless universe. She directed them to the bathroom and returned to her husband who was covering his face with his hand. “Did you see their eyes?” the husband then show her his hand full of blood from a nosebleed.

The power suddenly went out and the house turned as dark as the kids’ eyes. The wife headed to the restroom and was confronted by the voice of the kids at the end of the hall uttering, “Our parents are here.” The kids then exited the house leaving the door wide open. The wife then noticed that there were two men at the end of the driveway. The men were very tall and slender; the wife waved but did not receive the same friendly gesture. The two men and children then drove away together in one car.

The power then came back on a little later after the kids left. Throughout the next week, weird things happened in the house; three out of four cats went missing and the fourth had been found dead in the pool of its blood. The husband continued to have nosebleeds and finally went to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with very aggressive skin cancer.


I know I never want to find these things.. No ma’am!


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