A Whisker Away

Disclaimer: This is a review purely based on my personal opinion.

Anime is something I’ve tried to step into ever since my husband introduced me to it. I’ll admit, I’ve found some winners and some that I don’t understand. A Whisker Away was a no-brainer. The fact the main photo has a cat sold me.


The story follows a girl named Miyo who’s madly in love with her classmate Kento. From the beginning you can see Kento does not return her feelings what so ever. In fact he see’s Miyo as the weird girl in class. Miyo ends up meeting a cat who gives her a mask that transforms her into a white cat while she’s wearing it. This way she’s able to get attention from Kento that she wants. What the mask seller doesn’t tell her is eventually she has to decide between her human life and her cat life.


A Whisker Away is so adorable. The love and kindness shown throughout the movie will make your heart melt. There is also a message that you defiantly cannot judge a book by its cover. You may never know what someone else is dealing with in their everyday life. Some wear a mask to cover it up. Others cower from the world and keep to themselves. Seriously though, go watch this movie on Netflix! You won’t regret it.


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