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If your an avid Twitter user, I know you’ve seen the Tati/Jeffree/Shane drama. Well I had to talk about it on here because honestly, I was obsessed with the series Shane Dawson did with Jeffree Star covering the making of the Conspiracy eye pallet. I’m normally not a huge girly girl but in the last year or two I found a new love with makeup. Also the fact I knew who Jeffree Star was back when I was in high school kind of gave me some nostalgic feelings. Once I deep dived into that though I saw how well done the videos were. That made me deep dive into Shanes back list of series covering things like Tanacon or the series that saved Tana Mongeau’s career as a up and coming YouTuber. Seriously if you don’t know about Tanacon you should look into that. Its… interesting to say the least. That’s not what I’m covering today though. 

Back last year Tati Westbrook, a famous beauty guru in the YouTube community published a video calling out another beauty YouTuber James Charles. To her story, she had witnessed James attempting to pursue a straight man and convince him he was gay. Basically a form of sexual assault if you know for sure your sexuality. That particular video blew up in the middle of the series with Shane and Jeffree. Some of it was covered but not in depth. Which I thought that was very respectful considering their series covered makeup and not drama. 


Fast forward to a week ago and Tati is back with another video claiming Shane and Jeffree manipulated her into making the first video Bye Sister. Not to mention this was following Shane uploading a apology video the day before. Some of his older videos from his early twenties resurfaced and given today’s world issues, they just don’t sit right with folks. Shane owned up to them though and apologized. So for Tati to throw this out there to when Will Smith’s wife and son have publicly came after him to for a video of him fake masturbating to a picture of eleven year old Willow Smith……. I don’t even know how to finish that sentence honestly. That all together is a whole heap of a shit storm no one wants to deal with. In Tati’s video, she also spoke of Jeffree Star and his blackmailing. From what Tati said Jeffree is holding a lot of information on a lot of people. She warned that she believes Jeffree will explode and when he does everyone who’s ever been close with him will go down too. 


My Take/Opinion On Everything

I still love what Shane does. I know his channel was demonetized but I do hope he continues with his series making. Also the conspiracy videos. Sadly, I don’t think we will hear anything from Shane for a long time. As for Jeffree, I’m disappointed. He showed care and compassion for Shane in previous videos like someone would to their own family. Yet…through this “tea spill” Jeffree hasn’t spoken a word publicly. That doesn’t show friendship to me and for that I feel bad for Shane. You know he thought a lot of Jeffree. Hell, Trisha Paytas chimed in on all of this and she’s a bigger hot mess then both of them. She backed Shane though. Let’s not forget how Tati acted through the video. I’m pretty good with reading people and I didn’t get an honest vibe from her at all. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean she was lying. I’m just saying she either rehearsed this to the point it looked fake or it is.  I do hope we see the light of some of this mess soon. 

What is your take on it all? Do you still stand with Jeffree and Shane? Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “YouTube Blow-Up

  1. I’m obsessed with all this drama. My opinion is; Tati and Jeffree both only love people who aren’t being cancelled and will come up with whatever they can to show they also cancel that person. AKA they are so FAKE. As for Shane… I don’t even know what to say. And I love what you said about Trisha. 😂 she’s a hot mess and something else entirely.

    1. Exactly! Once I seen Trishas comments I’m like damn Jeffree step it up. Don’t let this crazy bitch act like a better person then you. But he did.

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