2020 and all its brought..

Disclaimer; This post is both very sad and very happy. Also welcome to my rebranded blog!

Wow, what a year! I know we could all probably talk about what this year has brought the world for hours. Honestly its gave some good dinner conversations. I’m here to discuss my point of it all including personal things its brought for me, so let me start with March when the madness really began.

March Madness?

My job at my local theater closed its doors for many reasons. COVID was in full swing nation and world wide. Many movie production companies pushed their releases to later this year because common sense, the normal business behind a big release wouldn’t be there. This lead to the newest release not really happening until later this month (June). That was fine and dandy. Not the worst news I was going to be handed at all this year or the best for that matter.

April Showers Bring May Flowers?

April swung around and things were quiet boring until the last couple weeks. My husband and I got the news his grandfather was hospitalized due to septic pneumonia, which honestly we didn’t find out until today that was ruled cause of death. This right here took a toll on the family. Mainly my husband, he had grown up with his grandfather being his father. I never wish to see him hurt like I did this year about anything. Thankfully, the rest of the family has adapted and moving on with life. Even his sweet, sweet grandmother.

The following week though, my husband and I were handed even more bad news. A dear friend of ours was admitted to the hospital unconscious. It was a constant week of checking in with his mom to see how he was. Obviously given COVID we couldn’t go and see him. Again though, thank the lord above our friend is getting back to normal. His spell was ruled as pancreatitis.

Yeah, No May Flowers Were Found.

May is my birthday month. Which normally I don’t mind celebrating but this year it didn’t seem right to even think of it. Little did I know I’d be handed that information that my job of eight years was actually going to close its doors to the public for good. This news hit to close to home. My job was my second home. Yes we all go paid to be there, but it wasn’t your typical work environment. We were all family. I’m happy to say, to some extent were all keeping in touch.

Hello June!

This month honestly couldn’t deliver any worse news to me as the past couple months made me numb to bad news. I did get handed some news and really, now that the shock is worn off, its the best news I could ask for this year.

I'm Pregnant!

Never in my life did I think with such a (excuse my language) shitty year as 2020 has been that I’d be blessed with something so amazing. By some unplanned moment in time, my husband and I were finally given something to look forward to. Finding out I’m pregnant has honestly softened the blow of bad news we’ve received lately. We were denied for a home loan but, we know what to do to make our chances better and were trying! Thats all we can do to make life the best for our miracle that’s expected by the end of this year or first of next. I say that because I haven’t made it to my first appointment yet.

I truly hope everyone’s finally found some light in this world by now as times are tough. So far it doesn’t look like we have a light at the end of the tunnel but I have faith that we’ll be seeing it soon enough.


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